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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lobster Lovin' in Bite Dublin

"It must be love, love, love"

So we have all seen and heard the excitement that's been on twitter about Bite's Head Chef Malcolm Starmer's new creation the 'lobster burger'. So with trepidation I made a reservation, could this masterpiece live up to the hype?
As I'm sure you have guessed by the lyrics above, it more than lived up to the hype and surpassed every expectation I had. I literally started singing along to Madness 'It must be love' in my head once I took a bite.
It is fresh, buttery, luscious and light somehow in one mouthful. Everything from the fresh lobster, crispy pancetta and raclette cheese(yes, cheese and lobster works!) down to the truffle aioli and crispy onions came together in one perfect bite. It was served with cheesy truffle skinny fries which were, like the burger, to die for. 
Lobster Burger with Truffle Aioli and Parmesan Cheese Fries

And it's not all about just the burger in Bite, every other dish we had was pure perfection. We were brought to our table and given some chilli popcorn which kept us nibbling away happily while reading the menu.
For starter hubs had the baby squid which was cooked flawlessly, while I had the best prawn pil pil I have ever tasted. 
We also ventured and tried the deserts which brought the meal to a sweet close. We were too eager to taste, hence the lack of photos. Hubs had the chocolate brownie, which was lovely but he felt it seemed more of a cake than a brownie. I had the raspberry and lemon pot which was pure heaven, a fantastic light finish to the meal.
The 2 cocktails which we tried were the Stephens Green and Raspberry Collins, both tasted very nice and refreshing but a little tame on the alcohol side.

Baby Squid
Chilli Popcorn
Stephens Green

Overall, I fell in love with Bite, not just the burger. Along with the amazing food we had we were served by fantastic, friendly and unobtrusive staff and for a change to eating out in Dublin we had a pleasant surprise when the bill came.


Will we eat there again? Already planning my next visit.
Cost? Just under €90 for 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 deserts, 2 cocktails, a beer and tip. Amazing value.

You can follow Bite on Twitter @BITEdublin or on their Facebook page


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